Jetstar Japan Cancels 8 Flights on December 30 Due to Strike; JAL and Spring Operate Extra Flights

Jetstar Japan

Due to a strike by the Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), Jetstar Japan has decided to cancel 8 flights scheduled for December 30. The affected flights are Tokyo/Narita to Kumamoto flights GK611/612, Nagoya/Chubu to Fukuoka flights GK581/580, Tokyo/Narita to Kagoshima flights GK623/624, and Tokyo/Narita to Sapporo/Chitose flights GK115/116. A total of 8 flights will be canceled, representing a 7% cancellation rate, affecting approximately 1,400 passengers. On the same day, 4 captains, 5 co-pilots, and 15 cabin crew members belonging to JCA will go on strike.

Passengers booked on the canceled flights will be offered the following options: (1) transfer to another flight of the same company, (2) refund, or (3) full refund for the actual fare used provided they book and purchase another flight including normal seats on airlines from the JAL group, or use ground public transportation excluding taxis. If an overnight stay is required, the company will pay for one night’s accommodation up to 8,000 yen for that day only.

Additionally, Japan Airlines (JAL), the leading shareholder, will operate one round trip each on the Tokyo/Haneda to Kagoshima route, and Spring Japan, part of the JAL group, will operate one round trip on the Tokyo/Narita to Sapporo/Chitose route.

JCA, the labor union organized by pilots and cabin crew, was formed in July 2018. After negotiations broke down on the night of the 21st, they went on a targeted strike from the 22nd. Due to the strike and staffing issues, 2 flights on the 24th to 26th and 17 flights on the 29th were canceled.

Canceled Flights

GK611 Tokyo/Narita (07:20) to Kumamoto (09:40)
GK612 Kumamoto (10:15) to Tokyo/Narita (11:55)

GK581 Nagoya/Chubu (07:45) to Fukuoka (09:25)
GK580 Fukuoka (10:05) to Nagoya/Chubu (11:30)

GK623 Tokyo/Narita (12:40) to Kagoshima (15:00)
GK624 Kagoshima (15:35) to Tokyo/Narita (17:20)

GK115 Tokyo/Narita (14:40) to Sapporo/Chitose (16:30)
GK116 Sapporo/Chitose (17:10) to Tokyo/Narita (19:00)

Extra Flights

IJ9351 Tokyo/Narita (12:50) to Sapporo/Chitose (14:35)
IJ9352 Sapporo/Chitose (15:20) to Tokyo/Narita (17:05)

JAL4771 Tokyo/Haneda (15:35) to Kagoshima (17:35)
JAL4772 Kagoshima (18:25) to Tokyo/Haneda (19:55)

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