Jetstar Union Continues Strike Following Negotiation Breakdown with Company

Jetstar Japan (Airbus A320 aircraft)

The labor union of Jetstar Japan, the Jetstar Crew Association (JCA), has announced that negotiations with the company held on the evening of December 29th have collapsed. The strike will continue after December 30th.

From the company side, Managing Director and President Yu Katayoka, Executive Officer Masakazu Tanaka, Executive Officer Les Stevens, and from the JCA side, Chairperson Kaoru Kimoto, Secretary-General Momoko Hoshi, and others attended the meeting which was scheduled for 2 hours from 6:30 pm but ended after an extensive overtime.

According to JCA Executive Committee Member Akihiko Ikohagi, there has been no progress on the payment of unpaid wages for overtime work, as the company has petitioned the Central Labor Commission for mediation. While there was an expressed willingness to pay the reduced non-taxable commuting allowance, there were no details provided regarding the method or timing of payment. Permission was granted for the establishment of a union office and notice board, but no specifications were given regarding the size of the office or the location of the notice board. The next collective bargaining session is expected to be held at noon on December 30th.

JCA had established its right to dispute in August and was planning to strike from August 17th, which was postponed due to certain progress made in negotiations with the company. Starting in December, the strike began with soft tactics, such as refusing work schedule changes, and from December 22nd, escalated to a full strike with increasing personnel. During the peak of year-end homecomings on December 29th, 36 members went on strike, resulting in the cancellation of 15 flights.

Executive Committee Member Ikohagi stated, “It is important to continue to assert our demands, but we also recognize the inconvenience it causes to travelers during the most important time of the year. Today we saw that if 36 members participate in a strike, it can have a significant impact. We hope to put our customers first and then make our demands to the company.” On December 31st, 4 captains, 3 first officers, and 16 cabin crew members, totaling 23 individuals, are scheduled to strike, although there may be adjustments.

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