ANA Cancels Some Flights from Noto, Shonai, Niigata, and Komatsu Due to Earthquake

ANA NH 777-300ER JA623A

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has cancelled some flights and is conducting safety checks after an earthquake occurred in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Flight ANA749 from Tokyo/Haneda to Noto turned back to Tokyo/Haneda after flying near Noto Airport at the time of the earthquake and was cancelled. Flight ANA397 from Tokyo/Haneda to Shonai also returned to Tokyo/Haneda, and flight ANA1174 from Sapporo/Chitose to Komatsu was rerouted to Nagoya/Chubu.

The following flights have already been decided to be cancelled: flight ANA750 from Noto departing at 5:10 PM to Tokyo/Haneda, flight ANA756 from Komatsu departing at 5:05 PM to Tokyo/Haneda, flight ANA400 from Shonai departing at 5:45 PM to Tokyo/Haneda, flight ANA1662 from Niigata departing at 5:30 PM to Osaka/Itami, flight ANA3187 from Fukuoka departing at 5:15 PM to Niigata, and flight ANA3188 from Niigata departing at 7:20 PM to Fukuoka.

Safety checks are being conducted at the airports in Shonai, Niigata, Noto, Toyama, and Komatsu. The number of flight cancellations may increase, and it is necessary to check the latest flight operations status.

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