NEXCO Companies Announce Road Closures on Certain Expressways

NEXCO Central Japan and NEXCO East Japan have announced road closures on portions of their expressway networks due to an earthquake.

As of 5:30 PM on the 1st, the closures include the Hokuriku Expressway from Niigata Central Junction (JCT) to Maruoka Interchange (IC), the Kanetsu Expressway from Nagaoka JCT to Koide IC, the Joshin-Etsu Expressway from Joetsu JCT to Shinano Town IC, the Ban-Etsu Expressway from Niigata Central IC to Tsugawa IC, the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway from Ara-kawa Zeze IC to Niigata Central JCT, and the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway from Oyabe Tonami JCT to Shirakawa-go IC.

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