Noetsu Expressway Closed Due to Earthquake Impact

Noetsu Expressway

Following the impact of an earthquake, the Noetsu Expressway, managed by the Toyama Prefectural Road Corporation, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and Ishikawa Prefecture, is currently closed to traffic.

According to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, closures have been announced between the Oyabe Tonami Junction (JCT) and the Nanao Interchange (IC), as well as from the Tokuda Ootsu JCT to the Noto Satoyama Airport IC. The expressway managed by NEXCO Central Japan is also closed to traffic starting from the Oyabe Tonami JCT. Additionally, the Kanazawa Tazuruhama Line (Ishikawa Prefectural Road 60), which constitutes the Noto Satoyama Kaido, is announced to be closed from Chidori-dai to Tokuda Ootsu JCT.

There is also a possibility of further closures, so it is necessary to follow the local information when driving.

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