Hokuriku Line Suspends All Operations Between Fukui and Kanazawa Stations for a Full Day Due to Earthquake; Thunderbird and Shirasagi Express Services Also Disrupted


JR West has announced the suspension of all operations for the entire day on the Hokuriku Line between Fukui and Kanazawa stations due to the effects of the earthquake that occurred on the day. The limited express trains ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Shirasagi’, which connect Osaka, Nagoya, Maibara and the Hokuriku region, have also suspended most services.

In addition to the full-day suspension on the Hokuriku Line between Fukui and Kanazawa, as of 7:30 PM, operations between Tsuruga and Fukui stations have been halted with no indication of when services will resume.

The limited express ‘Thunderbird’, connecting Osaka with the Hokuriku region, and the ‘Shirasagi’, connecting Nagoya, Maibara, and the Hokuriku region, have both seen most of their services suspended, with some trains halted at intermediate stations.

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