AIRDO Suspends Standby Seating for All Flights Today; Cancels 7 Flights

AIRDO (Boeing 767-300ER)

AIRDO (エア・ドゥ) will suspend standby seating for all flights operated today, March 3rd.

The decision comes in response to a collision incident occurring yesterday, March 2nd, at Haneda Airport involving a JAL aircraft and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft, which has led to the cancellation of 7 flights. There is also the possibility of last-minute delays or cancellations if coordination proves to be unsuccessful.

■Cancelled Flights
ADO11 Tokyo/Haneda (06:50) to Sapporo/Chitose (08:20)
ADO15 Tokyo/Haneda (08:15) to Sapporo/Chitose (09:45)
ADO16 Sapporo/Chitose (10:20) to Tokyo/Haneda (12:00)

ADO81 Tokyo/Haneda (06:55) to Asahikawa (08:30)

ADO77 Tokyo/Haneda (11:15) to Memanbetsu (13:30)

ADO71 Tokyo/Haneda (07:40) to Kushiro (09:15)

ADO61 Tokyo/Haneda (06:55) to Obihiro (08:25)

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