ANA Sets Extra Flights from Tokyo/Narita to Sapporo/Chitose, Osaka/Itami, and Fukuoka

All Nippon Airways / ANA (Boeing 737-800)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has set up extra flights for today January 5th, due to the closure of the runway at Haneda Airport.

There will be a total of 11 flights on the Tokyo/Narita to Sapporo/Chitose, Osaka/Itami, and Fukuoka routes. Reservations and purchases are already available through the website and reservation center.

Special handling of airline tickets has been in place for flights departing from and arriving at Haneda Airport from the afternoon of January 2nd until the last flight on January 8th, allowing changes and refunds without fees.

■ Flight Schedule
ANA1307 Tokyo/Narita (18:00) to Sapporo/Chitose (19:45)
ANA1304 Sapporo/Chitose (10:30) to Tokyo/Narita (12:20)
ANA1306 Sapporo/Chitose (15:30) to Tokyo/Narita (17:20)
ANA1308 Sapporo/Chitose (20:30) to Tokyo/Narita (22:20)

ANA1301 Tokyo/Narita (19:10) to Osaka/Itami (20:35)
ANA1302 Osaka/Itami (17:00) to Tokyo/Narita (18:25)

ANA1501 Tokyo/Narita (11:25) to Fukuoka (13:45)
ANA1505 Tokyo/Narita (19:00) to Fukuoka (21:00)
ANA1502 Fukuoka (09:00) to Tokyo/Narita (10:35)
ANA1504 Fukuoka (14:15) to Tokyo/Narita (15:50)
ANA1506 Fukuoka (16:25) to Tokyo/Narita (17:55)

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