HIS Launches Sales of ‘Exciting Travel’ Products in the ‘First Dream Fair’

HIS Exciting Travel Product Image

H.I.S. (HIS) has started selling travel products as part of its ‘First Dream Fair 2024’ special plan ‘Exciting Travel’ from 11:00 AM on January 4th.

From the Tokyo metropolitan area, the offerings include a ‘5-day tour to Chengdu, Ya’an, and Dujiangyan to visit the homes of panda and two World Heritage sites,’ an ‘Elegant 1-night 2-day Halong Bay cruise with views of the Halong Bay and a 5-day trip to Trang An and Hanoi,’ a ‘6-day Hawaii trip’ to enjoy magical moments with Disney characters, and a ‘6-day Bali trip’ which includes an invite to a private area at the famous sunset spot ‘Rock Bar.’

In addition, the lineup continues with ‘Elegant 8-days in Switzerland’ to enjoy the starry skies and dawn at the Matterhorn, ‘Egypt’s Breathtaking Journey for 8-days’ with a private viewing of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, ‘Los Angeles for 5-days’ including baseball game tickets to see the Los Angeles D team, a ‘3-day Tanegashima & Yakushima trip with an extensive A Course on Tanegashima’ that takes you to islands close to outer space, ‘HIS special private Tsurunuma Lantern Launch Experience’ that feels like a scene from a movie on a clear winter day, and the already on sale ‘Tokyo’s Historic Sake Brewery Tour’ for a special day trip with the ‘Sake Samurai’ Yuki Aoi.

This year’s ‘First Dream Fair’ revolves around the keyword ‘exciting,’ which is a phrase from the HIS Group Purpose. Comedian Bakarhythm has been appointed as the CM character, and television commercials and web advertisements have been broadcasted from December 20th. Special promotions for the fair include the ‘First Time HIS Discount,’ which offers a discount of up to 10,000 yen for first-time overseas trip bookings, and a special ‘First Dream Ultra Coupon’ campaign worth 100 million yen for domestic travels.

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