JTB Launches ‘Lucky Spring Campaign’ with Prize Draws and Point Giveaways

JTB's Lucky Spring Campaign visual

JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) is holding a ‘Lucky Spring Campaign’ from January 1 to January 31.

The ‘Lucky Spring Fortune & 1 in 50 Points Back Campaign’ is being conducted from January 1 to January 15. Every 50th person will receive a half refund on the booking cost of their overseas or domestic travel, with premium members getting a full points refund. This applies to bookings with check-in dates up to March 10. The maximum refund is 100,000 yen. The lucky fortune will present up to 20,240 points.

Furthermore, JTB has started the New Year’s first sale of overseas dynamic packages (JTBMySTYLE) from January 4. Departure-date-specific discount products are being offered. A 5-day Honolulu trip costs 114,100 yen, and a 4-day Singapore trip is 80,500 yen, inclusive of fuel surcharges and various taxes.

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