SanStar Line Joins the ‘Goshuin Cho’ Project, Selling on Osaka-Tsushima and Busan Routes

Goshuin Cho SanStar Line

SanStar Line, which operates the Busan route, has joined the ‘Goshuin Cho Meguri Project,’ an officially recognized endeavor by the Japan Passenger Ship Association.

‘Goshuin Cho’ refers to a ship version of the traditional ‘Goshuin’ temple stamps, issued by various shipping companies and maritime museums throughout Japan. SanStar Line operates the ‘Panstar Dream’ between Osaka and Busan and the ‘Tsushima Link’ between Tsushima and Busan as Japan-Korea routes.

The ‘Goshuin Cho’ for the ‘Panstar Dream’ can be purchased at the Osaka International Ferry Terminal, while that for the ‘Tsushima Link’ is available at the Hitakatsu Port International Terminal. The price for each ‘Goshuin Cho’ is 300 yen (tax included). A prior reservation is required to purchase at Hitakatsu.

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