JAL and Three Cities around Itami Airport to Host Facility Tour on March 31 as a Hometown Tax Donation Reward

Osaka International Airport Facility Tour

Japan Airlines (JAL) will collaboratively host the ‘Osaka International Airport Facility Tour’ as a hometown tax donation reward, in conjunction with Toyonaka City and Ikeda City in Osaka Prefecture and Itami City in Hyogo Prefecture.

This will be the third time the event has been hosted. During the tour at Itami Airport’s hangar, participants can witness mechanics at work and view airplanes up close. Additionally, there will be an aviation class using a simulated cockpit led by flight crew members and an in-flight service experience led by cabin attendants. Exclusive original goods will be given away as gifts. The event is scheduled for March 31.

The tour is limited to 8 participants from Toyonaka City, 5 from Itami City, and 2 from Ikeda City, with a donation amount of 100,000 yen. The acceptance period is from December 25 to February 29. Toyonaka City accepts donations through Rakuten Hometown Tax, Itami City through Furusato Choice and Ikeda City through JAL Hometown Tax.

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