Cases of Detention During Overland Travel After Using Automated Gates at Mexican Airports

Mexico Tourism Ministry

The Japanese Embassy in Mexico has issued a warning about multiple reports of individuals being detained while traveling overland after entering the country through the automated immigration gates used at some Mexican airports. Specifically, instances have been reported during long-distance bus travel in southern Mexico, where immigration officers board the bus to conduct passport inspections. If the traveler’s residency status cannot be immediately confirmed, they may be asked to disembark and could be detained at the nearest immigration facility.

When entering Mexico using the automated gates, no entry stamp is applied to the passport, but a paper receipt is issued that includes details such as the date and time of entry, flight number, and expiration date of the permitted stay. This receipt must be retained until departure; however, it is also advised to promptly download and print the Forma Migratoria Multiple Digital (FMMD) after entry, as detailed on the receipt, and keep it on hand to present to immigration officials or police upon request. It should be noted that access to the FMMD is not available in the Japanese language environment and requires changing the language setting to Spanish.

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