JR East to Make Three Subsidiaries Wholly Owned: Atre and Others

JR East

JR East will make three of its consolidated subsidiaries wholly owned on January 10.

The companies in question are Atre, Sendai Terminal Building, and JR East Rent-a-Lease. The transition to wholly owned subsidiaries will be accomplished through simple stock exchanges.

The number of shares to be exchanged are 487,136 for Atre, 24,704 for Sendai Terminal Building, and 25,474 for JR East Rent-a-Lease. The exchange of shares for Atre will include the allocation of 205,000 newly issued shares in addition to its treasury shares.

Currently, shares of Atre are held by entities such as Musashino City and Musashino Chamber of Commerce and Industry; shares of Sendai Terminal Building are held by Japan Hotel, Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata City, JR East Tohoku General Services; and JR East Rent-a-Lease shares are held by JTB and JR East Niigata City Create.

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