JTB Raises Entry-Level Salaries and Introduces Bonuses for Senior Employees

JTB Corporation

JTB Corporation will implement revisions to its personnel and wage system for younger employees, including raising entry-level salaries, as well as initiatives to promote the active participation of senior employees, effective April 1st.

The entry-level salary will be raised by 32,000 yen to 242,000 yen. An additional regional adjustment salary of 20,000 yen applies to employees working in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and the three surrounding prefectures. By shortening the initial training period from four years to two years and providing wages based on performance at an earlier stage, JTB aims to stimulate the growth and challenge spirit of young employees and improve employee retention and engagement.

Furthermore, for rehired senior employees, with the anticipated growth of employees aged 60 and above from the current 4% to 13% in five years, bonuses will now be awarded to maintain motivation and prevent the outflow of employees with high expertise. As a result, annual salaries will increase by approximately 24% from the current level. By expanding opportunities to continue fulfilling the same duties, roles, and responsibilities they had before retirement, JTB intends to energize the whole company.

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