Credit Saison Deteriorates Exchange Rate for Everlasting Points

Credit Saison

Credit Saison is set to change the exchange rate of its everlasting points for certain rewards on February 14th at 11 AM.

The changes will affect exchanges for Amazon gift cards, d-points, and Ponta points. Currently, 100 points could be exchanged for an equivalent of 500 yen, but following the change, Amazon gift cards will be exchanged at a rate of 100 points for an equivalent of 400 yen, 1,000 points for 4,500 yen, and 5,000 points for 25,000 yen. The exchange rate for d-points and Ponta points will become 100 points for 450 points.

Exchanges at the current rate will be available until 5 PM on February 13th.

For more information, please visit Credit Saison’s official website.

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