ANA Offers ‘Golden Kawarake Karinto’ for a Limited Time at Haneda T2 International Suite Lounge

Golden Kawarake Karinto

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is offering ‘Golden Kawarake Karinto’ at the ANA SUITE LOUNGE in Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 International flights area, available only until the end of February.

The snack is a collaboration between Hiraizumi Tourism Association, Iwate Bank, and others forming Sekai to Hiraizumi, and developed with the confectionery maker Chiba Keiseika of Hiraizumi town, Iwate Prefecture. Chiba Keiseika is known for its expertise in frying techniques, producing not only karinto but also fried manju, donuts, and other treats.

The Golden Kawarake Karinto features a light and crisp texture that is hard to believe it’s a traditional karinto, made with Iwate Prefecture’s ‘Mochihime’ wheat flour. It was chosen for its compatibility with whiskey and will be served at the bar counter.

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