AirJapan Announces In-Flight Meals and Duty-Free Products Available for Purchase On the Day

In-flight meal option from AirJapan

Under the umbrella of ANA Holdings, AirJapan has announced in-flight meals and duty-free products that can be purchased on the day aboard their flights.

AirJapan in-flight udon meal

The in-flight menu includes 56 different items, such as meals like curry and set meals, light meals such as ochazuke (rice with tea) and ramen, snacks, sweets, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Long-life retort-packaged and freeze-dried foods are adopted to reduce food waste.

Selection of AirJapan beverages

The selection includes Shimane Prefecture’s premium ‘Medetai’ Tai Chazuke containing slices of sea bream, Inaniwaudon from Inaniwa Ginsondo Main Store, as well as local sake from Saitama Prefecture’s Matsuoka Brewery, Wakayama Prefecture’s Heiwa Brewery, and Niigata Prefecture’s Tsunan Brewery, premium craft beer ‘COEDO’, and wine from Yamanashi’s Katsunuma.

AirJapan in-flight products

For in-flight sales, 19 types of original products usable in daily life or travel, and products featuring a sense of Japan, are available. These include the front-row (rows 1 to 9) exclusive ‘Authentic Shochu Kawagoe’ (2,500 yen), ‘AirJapan Original Aroma Air Mist’ (1,300 yen), handmade soap based on pure vegetable soap ‘Petit Lily Soap’ (550 yen), and a ‘Goshuincho’ (pilgrimage stamp book) jointly produced by AirJapan and the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine (1,900 yen).

AirJapan is set to launch the Tokyo/Narita to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi route on February 9.

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