Sunrise Izumo Sleeper Train Adds Extra Round Trips for Golden Week; Travel Time Between Izumo City and Tokyo Now 16 Hours 31 Minutes

Series 285 Sunrise

JR East and other companies will operate the temporary sleeper express “Sunrise Izumo No. 91 & 92” between Tokyo and Izumo City Station to coincide with the Golden Week holiday period in May.

The operating days for the “No. 91” downhill service are May 2 and 6, and for the “No. 92” uphill service are May 1 and 5. Changes have been made to the timetable since the last operation over the New Year’s period, with the No. 91’s arrival time at Izumo City Station pushed back from 1:07 pm to 1:39 pm, and the No. 92’s departure time from Izumo City Station moved forward from 2:37 pm to 1:52 pm. The travel time between Tokyo and Izumo City Station is 15 hours 18 minutes for No. 91 and 16 hours 31 minutes for No. 92, using a seven-car 285 series formation.

Sunrise Izumo No. 91: Tokyo (22:21) to Izumo City (13:39+1) / May 2, 6
Sunrise Izumo No. 92: Izumo City (13:52) to Tokyo (06:23+1) / May 1, 5

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