Hokkaido Shinkansen to Operate at 260 km/h Through Seikan Tunnel During Golden Week, Shortening Travel Time by Approx. 5 Minutes

Hokkaido Shinkansen

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, along with JR Hokkaido, has announced that the Hokkaido Shinkansen will operate at a speed of 260 km/h inside the Seikan Tunnel during the Golden Week holidays.

This will apply for five days from April 29th and from May 4th to 7th. Within the approximately 54 km long Seikan Tunnel section, the speed will be increased from the current 160 km/h to 260 km/h, shortening the required travel time by about 5 minutes. A total of 14 trains will be covered, with 7 trains each running in both directions from the first service until around 3:30 PM, and on May 4th and 5th, an additional train in the evening will result in 7 trains for the upward and 8 for the downward trips, totaling 15 trains on these two days.

In line with this change, the departure times of three services that stop at Kikonai Station will be brought forward. To minimize missed connections, the departure time of one service from Shin-Aomori Station to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station will be delayed by 5 minutes, hence maintaining the arrival and departure times at Kikonai Station. Additionally, schedule changes will be made for the ‘Hakodate Liner’ connecting Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto and Hakodate stations, as well as for local trains between Kikyō and Mori stations on the Hakodate Main Line.

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