Boso Limited Express Series 255 to Continue as Provisional ‘Shinjuku Sazanami’ Operation Post Timetable Revision

JR East Series 255

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has announced that the Series 255, which will be withdrawn from regular service following the March 16 timetable revision, will continue to be operated as a temporary train.

During the spring temporary train schedule, from March 1 to June 30, it will operate between Shinjuku and Tateyama stations as ‘Shinjuku Sazanami 1 & 4’. The trains will run as a 9-car formation with all reserved seating. They will mainly operate on weekends and during the Golden Week holiday period, although there will be some days when 5-car E257 series trains will be in service.

The Series 255 started operations in 1993 and is affectionately known as the ‘Boso View Express’. It is currently operated as the limited express services ‘Shiosai’, ‘Sazanami’, and ‘Wakashio’. With the upcoming March 16 timetable revision, ‘Shiosai’ will be served by the E259 and E257 series, while ‘Sazanami’ and ‘Wakashio’ will be operated by the E257 series alone, leading to the discontinuation of the regular operations of the Series 255 and raising questions about its future disposition.

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