The Strongest Passports of 2024 Include Japan Among Six Top Countries

Henley Passport Index 2024

The latest ‘Henley Passport Index’ for 2024, which tallies the number of destinations that can be visited without a visa, has identified Japan among six countries with the strongest passports.

Based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain tied for the top spot, allowing visa-free travel to 194 out of the 227 countries and regions in the world.

In second place are South Korea, Finland, and Sweden with access to 193 countries and regions; third place includes Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands with 192; and fourth place is held by the United Kingdom with 191. At the bottom of the list is Afghanistan with visa-free access to just 28 countries and regions.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has remarkably improved its position over the past decade, climbing from 55th to 11th place, with an increase of 106 countries and regions since 2014.

Journalist and author Misha Glenny highlighted that elections will be held in 40 countries, accounting for over half of the world’s GDP, and commented that we should ‘prepare ourselves mentally for the increasing uncertainty.’

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