JR West Invites Influencers to Test Ride of New ‘Yakumo’ Limited Express Train

Series 273 Yakumo

JR West is recruiting influencers who actively post on social media for a test ride on the new Series 273 trains for the ‘Yakumo’ limited express.

The test ride is scheduled for March 23, and the company is looking for individuals to participate and share their impressions on social media. Applicants can choose up to three desired courses from four available options. They will gather at the station where the ride starts and disperse at the station where the ride ends, and transportation costs outside of the test ride will be borne by the participants themselves.

To be eligible, YouTube channels must have over 20,000 subscribers or other social media accounts must have over 10,000 followers. The recruitment is for 40 pairs, and each pair can include up to four people. Applications are open from January 17 at 2 p.m. until January 28.

The introduction of the new train vehicles for the ‘Yakumo’ limited express, which runs between Okayama and Izumo City Station, marks the first model change in about 40 years. In addition to ordinary cars and Green cars, it will also feature semi-compartment seats. Each car will also have a luggage space. The new trains are set to start operating from April 6.

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