JR East to Launch New E8 Series on Tohoku and Yamagata Shinkansen from March 16

JR East's new E8 series train

JR East will start operating the new E8 series on the Tohoku and Yamagata Shinkansen lines from March 16th.

For some trains running with the E8 series, the top speed between Utsunomiya and Fukushima stations will be increased from 275 km/h to 300 km/h. The coupled ‘Yamabiko’ service will change from the E2 series to the E5 series.

As a result, the travel time will be reduced by up to four minutes. The fastest ‘Tsubasa’ service will connect Tokyo to Yamagata Station in 2 hours and 22 minutes, and Tokyo to Shinjo Station in 3 hours and 7 minutes. The fastest down service is the ‘Tsubasa 131’ from Tokyo Station, and the fastest up service is the ‘Tsubasa 124’ from Yamagata Station.

The E8 series will operate the ‘Tsubasa 131, 149, and 157’ down services, and the ‘Tsubasa 122, 124, and 144’ up services. On some occasions, services may be operated by the E3 series.

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