Solaseed Air Begins Offering ‘Solaseed Anshin Insurance’ to Compensate for Flight Cancellation Fees

Solaseed Air JA812X

Solaseed Air, in collaboration with Dai-ichi Smart Life Insurance, has started offering ‘Solaseed Anshin Insurance’ from January 22.

The insurance compensates for the cost of flight ticket cancellation due to death or illness/injury of a spouse/relative that requires nursing or care, pet death/hospitalization/surgery, damage from disasters, or sudden business trips.

The insurance premium is 500 yen per seat per flight segment. Eligible fares are those purchased individually on the official Solaseed Air website, including Bargain 75/60/35/28/14, Special Sale 7 Days/3 Days/1 Day in advance, Young Discount fares, and Senior Discount for passengers aged 65 and over. Applications must be made within 7 days of the ticket purchase date and at least 7 days before the flight.

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