Thai Airways Increases Flights on Tokyo/Narita to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi Route to Three Times Daily Starting March 31

Thai Airways (Boeing 787-8 aircraft)

Thai Airways will increase the frequency of flights on the Tokyo/Narita to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi route to three round trips per day starting March 31st.

The additional flights will be TG641, departing from Tokyo/Narita at 10:50 am and arriving at Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi at 3:20 pm, and TG640, departing from Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi at 10:10 pm and arriving at Tokyo/Narita at 6:20 am the following day. Flights departing from Tokyo/Narita will commence on April 1st, operated with the Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

Presently, there are two round trips per day departing from Tokyo/Narita at noon and in the evening, and from Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi late at night and early in the morning, which will be increased to three round trips. Including the Tokyo/Haneda to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi route, this establishes a five round trips system connecting Tokyo and Bangkok.

TG641 Tokyo/Narita (10:50) to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (15:20) / Daily (from April 1st onwards)
TG643 Tokyo/Narita (12:00) to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (16:30) / Daily
TG677 Tokyo/Narita (17:25) to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (21:55) / Daily
TG640 Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (22:10) to Tokyo/Narita (06:20+1) / Daily
TG642 Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (23:50) to Tokyo/Narita (08:10+1) / Daily
TG676 Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (07:35) to Tokyo/Narita (15:45) / Daily

TG683 Tokyo/Haneda (10:35) to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (15:05) / Daily
TG661 Tokyo/Haneda (00:20) to Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (04:50) / Daily
TG682 Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (22:45) to Tokyo/Haneda (06:55+1) / Daily
TG660 Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi (13:00) to Tokyo/Haneda (21:10) / Daily

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