ANA Cancels 26 Flights Due to Bad Weather on January 23 and 24

All Nippon Airways / ANA (Boeing 737-800)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced the cancellation of a total of 26 flights on January 23 and 24 due to expected bad weather conditions such as snowfall and strong winds.

On January 23, all flights to and from Wakkanai and Memanbetsu in the Okhotsk region, as well as some flights to and from Kushiro, Nakashibetsu, Toyama, Komatsu, and Tsushima will be cancelled, totaling 26 flights. Approximately 1,030 passengers will be affected.

On January 24, some flights to and from Wakkanai, Toyama, and Komatsu will be cancelled, totaling 10 flights. Approximately 450 passengers will be affected.

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