Seishun 18 Ticket Offered for Spring Season; No Announcement for Summer and Winter

JR Group companies have announced that they will sell the Seishun 18 Ticket for the spring season. While typically available three times a year, no announcements have been made regarding sales for the summer and winter seasons.

The Seishun 18 Ticket allows unlimited boarding and alighting on JR ordinary and rapid service trains, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit systems), and the JR West Miyajima Ferry in unreserved seats. One ticket can be used five times by one person or once by five people, for example. It cannot be used on Shinkansen bullet trains, limited expresses, or express trains, but there are exceptions where it can be used on the ordinary seats of limited express trains on sections such as the Ou Main Line between Aomori and Shin-Aomori station, the Sekisho Line between Shintoku and Shin-Yubari station, the Miyazaki Airport Line between Miyazaki Airport and Miyazaki station, and the Sasebo Line between Saseki and Sasebo station.

Separate tickets are required when using the green car reserved seats on Shinkansen, limited express, express trains, and the rapid Marine Liner. To use the green car unreserved seats on ordinary and rapid service trains, a green ticket is necessary, and for the ordinary car reserved seats, a seat reservation ticket is required. Liner services such as the Home Liner can be used with just a liner ticket or a boarding ticket. Additionally, the ordinary seats of ordinary and rapid service trains with all reserved seating can be used between Shin-Aomori and Aomori station, but only for reciprocal departures and arrivals. The Hokkaido Shinkansen segment between Okutsugaru-Imabetsu and Kikonai station and the Hokkaido South Sea Railway can be used with a separate purchase of the Seishun 18 Kippu Hokkaido Shinkansen Option Ticket (2,490 yen).

Furthermore, services such as the Hokkaido South Sea Railway, Aoimori Railway, IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway, Sanriku Railway, Hokuetsu Express, Shinano Railway, Echigo Tokimeki Railway, Ainokaze Toyama Railway, IR Ishikawa Railway, Happi Line Fukui, Ise Railway, Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, Tosa Kuroshio Railway, and Hisatsu Orange Railway Line, which operate through services with JR lines and JR buses, are not available for use with this ticket. However, transit use through the sections between Aomori and Hachinohe station on Aoimori Railway, between Aomori & Hachinohe and Noheji station, between Toyama and Takaoka station on Ainokaze Toyama Railway, and between Kanazawa and Tsubata station on IR Ishikawa Railway is possible.

With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen segment between Kanazawa and Tsuruga station, the use of Ainokaze Toyama Railway between Toyama and Kurikara station, IR Ishikawa Railway between Kurikara and Tsubata station, and Happi Line Fukui between Echizen-Hanando and Tsuruga station is limited to users of the Himi Line, Johana Line, Nanao Line, and Echizenhoku Line. The stations that can be used for stopovers are Toyama, Takaoka, Tsubata, Echizen-Hanando, and Tsuruga.

The ticket is valid from March 1 to April 10, and on sale from February 20 to March 31. Priced at 12,050 yen, it will be sold at major JR stations, travel centers, and travel agencies nationwide.

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