Savings App ‘IDARE’ Offers 5% Rebate on International Flight Tickets Purchase


Fivot’s savings app ‘IDARE’ is implementing a campaign that effectively rebates 5% of the purchase price for round-trip international flight tickets from and to Japan.

Upon entry and through a lottery, 50 selected individuals will receive a 5% equivalent ‘IDARE Bonus’ on the purchase of round-trip international flight tickets ranging from 50,000 to 500,000 yen originating from Japan.

To qualify, participants must perform automatic savings during the specified deposit period and fulfill the full amount required for entry. When reporting, it is necessary to attach a purchased receipt or ticket. The entry period is from January 17th to 26th at 6 PM, the saving period is from February 1st to June 30th, and the ticket purchase and report period is from July 1st to 31st. The bonus will be awarded around late August.

‘IDARE’ is a service where savings can be made via credit cards or ATMs, and the balance can be used at Visa-affiliated stores. A 2% annual bonus is provided on the saving amount. The bonus is said to be financed by the revenue from settlement fees and ‘Flex Capital,’ a lending service for startups, which collects usage fees ranging from 3 to 10%. In compliance with the Funds Settlement Law, half of the saved funds are deposited. No overseas transaction fee is charged for the use of credit cards abroad.

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