Marue Ferry Releases ‘Yui Ticket,’ a 21-Day Unlimited Ride Pass for Kagoshima, Amami, and Okinawa at 30,000 Yen for Adults

Marue Ferry

Marue Ferry is now offering the ‘Yui Ticket,’ a 21-day unlimited ferry pass for Kagoshima, Amami, and Okinawa.

The eligible vessels are the company’s ‘Ferry Akebono’ and ‘Ferry Hanojo.’ Eligible ports of embarkation include Kagoshima New Port, Naze Port (Amami Oshima), Kame Toko Port (Tokunoshima), Wadomari Port (Okinoerabu Island), Yoron Port (Yoron Island), Motobu Port (Okinawa Main Island), and Naha Port (Okinawa Main Island). Disembarkation is only possible on the ‘Ferry Hanojo’ inbound voyage to Yakushima Island.

This is an online reservation-only product, available all year round. Sales are open from two months to four days before the first boarding date. The fare is 30,000 yen for adults and 15,000 yen for children. In addition, the fare for university students will be 20,000 yen for departures from February 1 to March 31. Additional options include bringing a motorcycle for 20,000 yen or a bicycle for 8,000 yen (both prices are tax included). Additionally, a fuel oil price fluctuation surcharge valid on the day of boarding must be paid at each counter.

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