FAA Disallows Production Increase for Boeing 737 MAX; Approves Inspection Procedures

Boeing 737 MAX 9

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has notified that it will not permit the production increase of the Boeing 737 MAX. It has also approved the large-scale inspection and maintenance procedures aimed at resuming operations of the Boeing 737-9 model (Boeing 737 MAX 9).

At around 5pm local time on January 5th, an incident occurred where a part referred to as a ‘door plug’ located on the left side of the passenger cabin on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 (Boeing 737-9 model, registration: N704AL) from Portland to Ontario, detached mid-flight, prompting the aircraft to return to Portland. Following this incident, the operation of the Boeing 737-9 model was suspended.

The production expansion ban comes in addition to the FAA’s investigations and increased surveillance of Boeing and its suppliers. There are 171 aircraft grounded, which after completing the necessary inspections and maintenance, can resume operations. This includes inspections of specific bolts and guide tracks, as well as visual inspections of the central cabin door plug and related components.

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