Niigata Station Bus Terminal to Open at the End of March, Integrating Niigata Station Front and South Exit Bus Stops

Niigata Station Underpass Bus Terminal Bird's Eye View

The Niigata Station Bus Terminal is set to open at the end of March, with Niigata Kotsu consolidating surrounding bus stops.

The Niigata Station Bus Terminal is being developed under the elevated structure of Niigata Station, connecting Bandai Plaza and the South Exit Plaza. The terminal will consolidate the bus stops that were scattered around the Niigata Station front at Bandai Plaza and the South Exit bus stop at the South Exit Plaza, renaming the new stop simply as “Niigata Station”.

While general vehicles cannot enter the bus terminal, pedestrians can cross from north to south of Niigata Station 24 hours a day as both plazas are connected at ground level. This walkway has already been made available as of March 25, 2023. With the bus terminal enabling buses to pass directly beneath Niigata Station, some routes will be changed or newly established.

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