Rakuten Travel Hosts ‘JR Rakupaku Red Balloon Opening Celebration Campaign’ with Up to 10,000 Yen Discount

Rakuten Group is holding the ‘JR Rakupaku Red Balloon Opening Commemoration Campaign’ on its travel reservation site, Rakuten Travel, from 10:00 AM on January 29 to 9:59 AM on February 29.

Discount coupons of up to 10,000 yen are available depending on the cost of the trip. The travel period lasts until May 31, with sales starting sequentially from April onwards. Using multiple coupons is also possible.

The ‘JR Rakupaku Red Balloon’ allows you to combine JR Shinkansen/bullet trains and express trains with lodging facilities. It offers a choice of destinations and schedules, with an overview of 4,000 lodgings and plans nationwide, as well as JR Shinkansen and express trains. Combining preferred options, moving to the site for Japan Travel to reserve seats and make payments completes a booking. Shinkansen and express train tickets can be collected at station reserved ticket vending machines. The campaign, including discount coupon usage and the possibility of combining coupons if conditions are met, is organized and executed by Japan Travel. It also supports the use of and accumulation of Rakuten points.

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