Rakuten Travel Launches ‘Rakuten Travel Bonus Program’ With Increased Points for Annual Domestic Stays

Rakuten Group has launched the ‘Rakuten Travel Bonus Program’ on its travel booking site, Rakuten Travel.

Points multiplier for stays at eligible facilities varies according to the number of domestic overnight stays until the end of the previous month. There are five levels, with the points multiplier increasing from 0.5x for 3–4 stays, to 1x for 5–6 stays, 1.5x for 7–9 stays, and 2.5x for 10 or more stays. The level updates around the 4th of each month, and points are awarded approximately 10 days after checkout.

Only domestic stays that include day trips or day use and have a total reservation cost of 10,000 yen or more per reservation are eligible. The amount before applying any coupons or points is counted as the applicable amount.

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