Ryukyu Air Commuter Suspends Flights Between Kita-Daito and Minami-Daito, Japan’s Shortest Regular Flight Route

Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)

Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC) will suspend flights on the Kita-Daito to Minami-Daito line starting August 1.

Currently, flights from Kita-Daito are available on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, while flights from Minami-Daito are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, totaling 7 flights per week operated by the DHC-8-400 aircraft. The flight time is 20 minutes.

It is the shortest regular flight route within Japan, with a one-way distance of 8 miles. The direct distance between the airports is about 13 kilometers, with an approximate flight time of 7 minutes.

From the same day, flights between Okinawa/Naha and Kita-Daito & Minami-Daito will be increased by 0.5 round trips per day.

RAC736 Kita-Daito (14:40) to Minami-Daito (15:00) / Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
RAC735 Minami-Daito (14:40) to Kita-Daito (15:00) / Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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