Toki Air Launches Niigata to Sapporo/Okadama Route, Nearly Full on First Flight

Toki Air has launched its Niigata to Sapporo/Okadama route today, January 31st. This marks the first new domestic airline entry since ZIPAIR Tokyo started operations in June 2020.

Initially, the route will be operated four days a week, with two round trips each day using the ATR72-600 aircraft with 72 seats. One-way fares start from 6,900 yen. There are also special fares available for those under 25, known as “Toki Uni,” and “Toki Biz” fares which can be booked up until the day of departure.

Onboard, passengers are served tea from Fujiyama-en and snacks produced by companies in Niigata Prefecture. Those interested can also receive diorama papercraft and clear files. For the first three days of operation, passengers departing from Niigata receive “Kurozato manju” from Maruya Honten, those from Niigata receive the “Sado Golden Box Koban Candy,” and departing from Sapporo/Okadama, the “Niigata Meikashi Ukishima Can”.

The first flight from Niigata, BV101 (aircraft registration: JA01QQ), was fully booked within a minute of going on sale. It carried 4 crew members and 71 passengers, totaling 75 people, and was seen off by the staff before departing at 9:37 am. It arrived at Sapporo/Okadama at 11:10 am. The first flight from Sapporo/Okadama, BV102, accepted reservations for 48 passengers, BV103 from Niigata for 31 passengers, and BV104 from Sapporo/Okadama for 25 passengers.

BV101 Niigata (09:30) to Sapporo/Okadama (11:10) / Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun
BV103 Niigata (14:15) to Sapporo/Okadama (15:55) / Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun
BV102 Sapporo/Okadama (11:50) to Niigata (13:35) / Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun
BV104 Sapporo/Okadama (16:35) to Niigata (18:20) / Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun

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