Ikkyu Launches ‘Premium Time Sale’ Until February 1

Ikkyu Premium Sale

Ikkyu, through its accommodation booking site ‘Ikkyu.com’, is holding a ‘Premium Time Sale’ from noon on January 23 to noon on February 1.

Examples of set hotels and rates for two include ATAMI Sekaie (with dinner and breakfast) from 85,848 yen, Fujiya Hotel (with breakfast) from 63,162 yen, Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel (with breakfast) from 18,554 yen, Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumedono (with dinner and breakfast) from 90,270 yen, Yufuin ZEN (with dinner and breakfast) from 73,736 yen, OKINAWA KARIYUSHI RESORT EXES ISHIGAKI (with breakfast) from 19,866 yen, among others.

All prices are inclusive of taxes, and the displayed amounts factor in the immediate use of awarded points. The offer applies to facilities nationwide.

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