JALPAK Offers Time Sale on International Dynamic Packages, Including Up to JPY 50,000 Off to Hawaii


JALPAK is conducting a time sale for its JAL international dynamic packages from February 1st to 14th.

The discount for trips to Hawaii is JPY 50,000 per person, to Europe is JPY 30,000 per person, to Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, and Oceania is JPY 20,000 per person, to Guam is JPY 15,000 per person, and to East Asia is JPY 5,000 per person. The applicable departure period is from February 13th to July 11th.

The discount applies to adults, children, and those sleeping in the same bed, while infants are excluded. Exclusions include two-city stays in Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe, two-city stay courses in Hawaii departing after April, codeshare flights, the Nagoya-Taipei/Taoyuan route, and the Osaka/Kansai-Taipei/Taoyuan route departing after March 27th. Reservations must be made through a special website.

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