ANA Economy Class In-Flight Meal Capsule Toys, Second Edition Released on January 22

Bushiroads Creative’s original capsule toy brand “TAMA-KYU” released “ANA International Economy Class In-Flight Meal Figure Collection 2” on January 22.

To commemorate the milestone of achieving a total sales of 2 million meals in September 2023, popular menu items such as “Beef Hamburger Steak” and “Seafood Doria” have been miniaturized into figures about 4 cm in size.

The second edition includes five types: “Chicken Teriyaki Kinpira Bowl,” “Osaka Daikoku Sauce Chicken Cutlet Curry,” “Beef Yakiniku Kalbi Bowl,” “Soft-Boiled Egg Eel Bowl,” and “Chicken Nanban Bowl.” The first edition was released on December 20, and together with the second edition, a total of 10 types are available. The price is 400 yen (tax included).

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