Jetstar Commences Operations on Brisbane-Seoul/Incheon and Brisbane-Osaka/Kansai Routes

Jetstar Airways has commenced operations on the Brisbane-Seoul/Incheon and Brisbane-Osaka/Kansai routes.

The Brisbane-Seoul/Incheon route operates three round trips weekly starting from February 1st, while the Brisbane-Osaka/Kansai route operates four round trips weekly starting from February 2nd. The operations will utilize Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

Together, these two routes will provide a total of 240,000 seats annually, having a multimillion-dollar impact on the tourism revenues of Southeast Queensland. These services are supported by the Queensland Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF).

Between Brisbane and Japan, a Tokyo/Narita route was established in October 2023. In coordination with this, the Tokyo/Narita-Gold Coast route was suspended, consolidating long-haul route aircraft and maintenance resources in Brisbane.

JQ23 Brisbane (11:45) to Osaka/Kansai (19:45) / Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (Starting from February 2nd)
JQ24 Osaka/Kansai (21:45) to Brisbane (07:25+1) / Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (Starting from February 2nd)

JQ53 Brisbane (11:45) to Seoul/Incheon (20:15) / Tue, Thu, Sat
JQ54 Seoul/Incheon (21:50) to Brisbane (08:00+1) / Tue, Thu, Sat

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