Rakuten Travel Holds ‘Onsen SALE’, Up to 15,000 Yen Discount

Rakuten Group is holding an ‘Onsen SALE’ on its travel booking site, Rakuten Travel, from 8 PM on February 4th until the 15th.

Discount coupons of up to 15,000 yen, usable at popular hot spring locations, will be distributed on the 4th, 10th, and 15th. The coupons are available for use with a minimum spending of 50,000 yen, for bookings of two or more people, and for online card payments only. Combining with an accommodation coupon, which offers up to a 10% discount, is also possible.

Furthermore, on days ending in 5 and 0, an early booking combined with an accommodation coupon can offer up to a 20% discount. A special Rakupack coupon, offering up to a 20,000 yen discount, is also available.

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