Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau to Introduce Monthly Price Cap for Tap-to-Pay on All Trams and Buses

Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau

The Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau will start a “Credit Card Tap Payment Fare Monthly Cap Service” from March 1st.

While tram services currently support credit card tap payments, this will be extended to city buses from March 1st. This applies to all regular city bus routes, City View, and Island View buses; however, Ai Bus routes are not included. Transfer discounts between city buses or from city buses to trams will not apply.

The service, starting on March 1st, will cap the monthly fare for trams and city buses at 9,660 yen through credit card tap payments. The accounting period is from the first to the last day of each month. No procedure is required, but only rides using the same card number and the same medium will qualify. Different smartphones or a physical card and a smartphone that has registered that card will not be included. If multiple people’s fares are paid for in a single ride, only the amount for one person will be included.

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