JAL and Kagoshima Prefecture Launch Second Phase of Program to Attract Visitors to the Amami Islands

Japan Air Commuter (JAC)

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Kagoshima Prefecture are implementing the second phase of the program to attract visitors to the Amami Islands, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the islands’ reversion to Japan.

They have further reduced the ‘Skymate’ fares for 12 routes to and from the Amami Islands, and have established ‘JAL Wellness & Travel’ check-in spots on the islands.

‘JAL MaaS’ offers unlimited bus passes for Amami Oshima, ‘shima coupons’ which can be used for sightseeing and dining, and a one-day bus pass by the bus corporation in Okinoerabu Island. ‘Environmental Conservation Tours’ operated by Japan Air Commuter (JAC) are being carried out on Yoron Island, Kikai Island, Okinoerabu Island, and Tokunoshima Island.

The dynamic package ‘JAL Vacations’ aimed at overseas markets is showcasing the Amami Islands in Korean. In February, promotions and invitation programs were carried out with Korean travel agencies, aiming for continuous attraction of visitors to the Amami Islands. Promotions using SNS are also being conducted in Taiwan.

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