Tobu Railway to Raise Some Special Seat Fees for “Spacia X” Starting from the March 16 Timetable Revision

Spacia X

Tobu Railway will revise its timetable on March 16, and in conjunction with this, it will raise the fees for some special seats on the “Spacia X” express.

The special seat fee is an additional charge required on top of each passenger’s fare and express fee. After the increase, the rates will be as follows: Cockpit Suite for 18,000 yen (currently 12,180 yen), Compartment for 8,000 yen (currently 6,040 yen), Single Cockpit Lounge for 500 yen (currently 200 yen), Double Cockpit Lounge for 1,000 yen (currently 400 yen), and Quadruple Cockpit Lounge for 2,000 yen (currently 800 yen). Fares as well as the express charges for standard and premium seats, and the special seat charges for box seats will not change.

With the timetable revision, two new formations will be introduced, making a total of four formations. The operation will increase to four round trips daily from and to Tobu-Nikko, and two round trips daily from and to Kinugawa Onsen.

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