JAL Reports a Net Profit of 85.8 Billion Yen for April to December 2023

Japan Airlines JAL/JL Boeing 737-800 JA338J

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2024 (April to December 2023), reporting a net profit of 85.8 billion yen.

Revenue was 1.24 trillion yen (an increase of 24.2% from the same period last year), operational expenses were 1.13 trillion yen (up by 14.1%), and profit before finance and corporate income taxes (EBIT) was 128.9 billion yen (an increase of 271.5%). Each of these indicators exceeded the figures for the fiscal year 2019.

The number of international passengers nearly doubled from the previous year due to the capture of transit demand including inbound and US-China routes. The number of domestic passengers was 91% of the fiscal year 2019, and the revenue returned to the level of fiscal 2019. Although international cargo income decreased by 51% compared to the previous period, it exceeded the figures for fiscal 2019. Revenue from the Mile Life Infrastructure business totaled 191.4 billion yen.

The paid seat utilization rate for international passengers was 79.1%, for domestic passengers 76.1%, for ZIPAIR Tokyo 78.4%, and for Spring Japan 68.1%.

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