ANA Holdings Reports a Net Profit of 148.9 Billion Yen for April-December 2023

NH/ANA Boeing 777-300 JA753A

ANA Holdings has announced its financial results for the period from April to December 2023. The net profit was 148.9 billion yen.

Revenue was 1.5435 trillion yen, operating costs were 1.3334 trillion yen, and operating profit was 210.1 billion yen. The operating profit for the third quarter recorded an all-time high.

Revenue by segment was 1.4081 trillion yen for the aviation business, 209.2 billion yen for aviation-related businesses, 59.2 billion yen for the travel business, and 86.7 billion yen for the trading business. All segments recorded operating profits.

Despite concerns over the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East, the aviation business continues to show a recovery trend. Passenger demand has significantly exceeded the same period last year, driven by inbound and leisure demand. The seat occupancy rate was 78.1% for international passengers, 70.2% for domestic passengers, and 86.2% for LCCs.

The full-year financial forecast has also been revised upwards, with revenue now expected to be 2.03 trillion yen (previously announced 1.97 trillion yen), operating profit 190 billion yen (previously 140 billion yen), ordinary profit 190 billion yen (previously 115 billion yen), and net profit 130 billion yen (previously 80 billion yen). For more information.

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