JR Boso Express Trains to Sell ‘Ticketless Limited Express Tickets’ Starting March 16

JR East E257 series

JR East will start selling ‘Ticketless Limited Express Tickets’ year-round for the Boso express trains ‘Shiosai’, ‘Wakashio’, ‘Shinjuku Wakashio’, ‘Sazanami’, and ‘Shinjuku Sazanami’, as well as the ‘Kamakura’ limited express, starting March 16.

These ticketless limited express tickets will be sold exclusively on Ekinet and will require a separate boarding ticket when used. The tickets will be available for sale from 10 AM one month before the ride until the train’s departure time.

To celebrate the launch, ticketless limited express tickets for regular seats on the Boso express trains will be offered at a discount of 200 yen (normally 100 yen) for adults and 100 yen (normally 50 yen) for children. The campaign period is from March 16 to June 30.

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