IBEX Airlines Launches ‘NouToku TabiToku Campaign’, Offering Gift Certificates Usable at Fukushima Airport


IBEX Airlines is holding the ‘NouToku TabiToku Campaign’ until March 13.

In addition to a campaign where 14 people will be selected by lottery to receive JTB travel vouchers worth 15,000 yen for purchasing and boarding flights on the Fukushima-Osaka/Itami route and answering a questionnaire, a ‘Repeat Use Campaign’ is being held. This campaign offers Fukushima Airport shopping vouchers worth 1,000 yen according to the number of flights boarded for those who purchase the same route two or more times from the website or travel agencies.

Only IBEX Airlines flights are eligible for the ‘Repeat Use Campaign’, and applying for it requires documents such as proof of boarding.

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