Okonomiyaki Specialty Store ‘Chibo’ Collaborates with APA President Curry for a New Menu

Chibo Holdings, known for its okonomiyaki specialty store ‘Chibo’, is offering a collaborative menu with ‘APA President Curry’, a dish from APA Hotels.

The menu includes ‘Gooey Cheese and Fresh Tomato Okonomiyaki with APA President Curry’ (1,530 yen to 1,730 yen), featuring okonomiyaki batter filled with cheese, topped with a thin-cooked egg and APA President Curry made with fresh tomatoes; ‘Cheese Tonpei-yaki with APA President Curry’ (800 yen to 900 yen), adding the melting cheese and APA President Curry on top of Chibo’s most popular side menu, a fluffy and soft-cooked egg dish called Tonpei-yaki; and ‘Savory Cabbage Steak with APA President Curry’ (500 yen to 630 yen), a cabbage steak topped with APA President Curry after slowly bringing out the sweetness of the cabbage while grilling.

These three products will be available from February 1st to March 31st. In addition to 22 locations nationwide, delivery sales are available for all items except ‘Savory Cabbage Steak with APA President Curry’. Delivery prices may vary.

A campaign will also be held where 11 people can win prizes, including accommodation vouchers for APA Hotel & Resort, meal vouchers for Chibo, and Chibo gift sets.

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