The Pinnacle of Hotels in Osaka’s Nishinari: HOTEL PIVOT – Exploring Class C Hotels in Osaka Nishinari with Hants Endo (19)

With both inbound and domestic tourism thriving to a level incomparable to the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the issues of overtourism, the tourism industry, and especially the hotel sector, appears to be breathing a sigh of relief. Amidst this, as someone who has been staying in Osaka’s Nishinari area, I feel the hotels in Nishinari are definitely undergoing changes.

This change is polarization. Hotels with a shared bathroom that cost around 1,000 yen per night remain popular as ever. On the other hand, the so-called “luxury Nishinari hotels” are on the rise.

As I previously introduced ‘Hotel Chuo Bridge’, with room rates starting at 3,800 yen per night including a bathroom. Staying at such luxury hotels in Nishinari, where one can find accommodation for 1,000 yen, might seem unnecessary at first, but from a wider perspective, what is considered standard elsewhere for over 5,000 yen, here is a bargain at the 3,000 yen range.

This time, I headed to Nishinari again, my lodging of choice was ‘HOTEL PIVOT’. Located near Osaka Metro’s Dobutsuen-mae Station and along a main street, it’s surprisingly safe for Nishinari. Opened in July 2020, this hotel is one of the ‘Hotel Chuo’ group’s properties. Originally a ‘Business Hotel Chuo’, it underwent a transformation, turning into a beautifully renovated establishment.

While its colorful appearance might give off a somewhat love-hotel vibe, it is a standard hotel. Opting for a single room instead of the limited-edition top-floor special room (suite) which starts at 12,000 yen due to the price, my room cost 5,000 yen. However, thanks to an early booking discount plan (online payment required) available up to 28 days before the stay, I paid 4,500 yen. This is likely the highest price for a single room in Nishinari.

Next to it on the west side is the Osaka Kyusai Kaikan, a church that acts as a sanctuary in Nishinari, presenting a somewhat surreal contrast.

The entrance and the front desk hint at a futuristic feel, fitting for the Reiwa era.

After checking in, I grabbed the necessary amenities from the amenity corner. With cosmetics such as lotion and moisturizer available, the lineup seems popular among women, hinting at a refreshing future for Nishinari. Surely, this strategy, keeping inbound demand in mind, is spot on.

I headed to the single room assigned to me on the 4th floor via the clean elevator.

Upon exiting the elevator, the hallway was indeed colorfully decorated. While calling it Disneyland might be an overstatement, it did offer a slightly amusement park-like feel.

The key was a card type, just needing a tap on the knob above the door. This being Nishinari, it was especially impressive.

Opening the door, although not spacious, the room was not the cramped tatami space I was accustomed to. Rather, it was a Western-style room with a bed, and the first thing that caught my eye was the wash basin!

In a nutshell, it was of higher quality than a typical hotel.

The room was equipped with a TV, fridge, independent air conditioning, hairdryer, desk mirror, three hangers, and even a box of tissues — not to mention a scale. Towels, bath towels, disposable slippers, and a bathrobe were also provided.

Even if you forget to pick up amenities on the first floor, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, and sanitizing wipes were all prepared.

The abundance of electrical outlets was particularly notable. There were almost too many ports available.

Though lacking a bathtub, the room came with a shower and a toilet equipped with a washlet. Everything was kept clean.

If I were to nitpick for an issue, there’s just one point. While it’s great to have a door viewer, it lacked a privacy cover made of stainless steel. As I’ve mentioned before, having a sticker or something similar on hand would be a good idea.

Nonetheless, the space made me want to stay for about a month. After searching later, I found that there were indeed weekly and monthly plans available. There’s nothing more to say but to express my admiration.

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